The construction of a wind farm normally requires 6 months of work (excluding the influence of bad weather).

After the construction of the access roads we procede with the digging and connection of the electricity network to the park (network HTA 20 kV). At the same time, the civil engineering team lays the foundations. The installation of the wind-powered generators happens as soon as the electricity supply is connected and the foundations have been completed.

There are six different types of engineering involved on site:

  • electrical engineering: the park’s internal network should link the wind-powered generators so that network can be connected to the EDF network
  • construction work consists of building the access roads as well as preparing the site for the installation of the wind-powered generators; the reinforcement of roads for large transporters is also part of this stage
  • civil engineering: construction of the foundations for the wind-powered generators
  • transport of the wind-powered generators: wind-powered generators are dispatched by large goods vehicles
  • certification: certification of the process to conform to the works

We also provide the construction of outside solar installations and have the knowledge of partners at our disposal, as well as knowledge acquired from previous projects.