Energy production - the power of nature

Wind and Solar Power

eolec provides a complete service in the creation of wind farms, covering the full spectrum of operations from planning to development and maintenance of the installations. We plan, develop, and implement large solar power systems (outdoor photvoltaic projects) and also operate them.

Comprehensive Know-how

We judge whether wind turbines or photovoltaic installations can be set up in the location chosen and provide you with our extensive knowledge. We analyse the project, accompany you in the planning process and in the process of getting the plans authorised, so that the wind or solar power system can be up and running as quickly as possible.

In addition we try to create balanced or even profitable conditions for all partners, land owners, local councils, regional companies and operators.

Finally, we plan, construct and run the wind or photovoltaic farms ourselves. This means that a control is guaranteed for the whole of the project, beneficial for all partners involved in the project. We, ourselves, later operate the wind or solar power park so it is in our own interest to produce a park of excellent quality and with top sustainability.

A solid foundation

The solid foundation for successful projects is our enthusiasm for the renewable energy sector, combined with competence, personal committment and years of experience in the field. Our partners have been in the wind power sector since 1991 and in the photovoltaic sector since 2008.

eolec’s partners – the ecoJoule construct GmbH (SARL) and the DEE Deutsche Erneuerbare Energien GmbH (SARL) (Deutsche Bank Gruppe) – have one common goal: the implementation and operation of innovative, forward-looking, and sustainable energy projects.